Advanced Score-O, Umstead West, 04 December

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On December 4, BOK will hold a 1-, 2-, and 4-hour Score-O at Umstead West. A “Score-O” involves a course with no predetermined route, in which competitors decide which controls they want to visit, and in which order. This event is for advanced BOK members who have successfully completed an expert (brown, green, red, or blue) course. You must preregister for this event here, preferably before Friday December 2, so that we know how many maps to print. Please note that this event will have a mass start at 10:00 AM (not noon, as previously advertised). Maps will be ready for distribution by 9:30 AM in order to provide competitors some time for route planning. Please continue reading for important details about this event.

Because of the extent of the course, the map for this event will need to be printed on multiple pages. Each page will be at a scale of 1:10000, and will contain control descriptions for that page. There will not be a master map that shows all control locations. Controls will be worth between 3 and 8 points, with more distant and/or difficult controls generally being worth more points. There will be special point bonuses for reaching the eastern and western most controls, and/or the northern and southernmost controls. The 1-hour course will have approximately 12 controls, and will not be clearable. The 2- and 4-hour courses will have approximately two dozen controls, and will share a common set of maps. The 4-hour course is potentially (but doubtfully) clearable, requiring more than 20km of straight line distance between controls in order to clear.

Drinking water will not be available at any control; however, five park water fountains at relatively convenient locations will be marked on the map. The event director has verified that these water fountains are operational in mid/late November; but unfortunately, he cannot guarantee that four of them will still be turned on for the day of the meet. Competitors who know that they will need water along their way are thus advised to carry their own.

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