Advanced Event (Relay) at Umstead West, Thursday Jan 1, 2015

Filed under: Latest News by admin on December 17th, 2014

Josef Trzicky has designed another New Year’s Day relay for us.

There will be a mass start at 10:00am, at Umstead West on Thursday Jan 1, 2015. Instructions will be at 9:45, and people will likely be pairing off into teams a little before that, so particularly if you don’t already have a teammate you should arrive before 9:30am.

This is an “Advanced” event, so we ask that you pre-register by 4pm December 31 so we know how many maps to print and have time to print them.

Teams consist of 2 people.  One person runs 3 short legs each about 1.3K and the other person runs three of the long legs each about 1.7K.  The really nice thing about this event is that there are a bunch of people waiting for their teammate to return so there is a lot more socializing than usual.

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