Sprint Event at Falls Lake on July 17, 2011

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The 2011 Summer Sprint Series will finish with an event at Falls Lake on Sunday July 17.

This event is open to everyone. (No pre-registration is necessary.)

Courses have not been finalized yet, but there will be a single beginner level course (roughly white to yellow level difficulty). For the advanced runners, Josef Trzicky gave me some courses yesterday which look interesting, though slightly longer than I had originally intended for a summer sprint event. These courses look similar to our normal Brown/Green/Red courses (i.e. you can pick which one you want to run while out on the course), but with shorter lengths (around 2.7km, 3.5km, and 4.6km).

(Note: This post has been edited. I originally posted something here about longer course lengths than this, not having noticed that the map Josef handed to me on Sunday had been enlarged.)

Directions to the event:
These directions start on Route 98 E, at the intersection of Route 98
and Route 50. To get to this point you would likely do one of the
From Raleigh, take Route 50 N (Creedmore Rd), then R (E) on Route 98;
From Durham, take Route 98 E until past the intersection with Route 50.
Take Route 98 E.
Will travel 0.6 mi E of the intersection with Route 50 (Creedmore Rd).
L on Ghoston Rd. Follow Ghoston 1.0mi until it T’s into New Light Rd.
L on New Light Rd. Follow New Light Rd approx 2.1mi.
L on Old Weaver Trail (Note: the sign on the right side will say “Sherron”,
while the sign on the left says “Old Weaver Tr”).
Follow Old Weaver Tr approx 1.3mi.
Take the L fork onto the small dirt road, and park on old road just
before the right curve in the road leading to the bridge.
If you cross the bridge over the small lake inlet, you went too far;
the parking area is on the L (South-West) side of the road just before
the bridge, on what was the old road to the old low bridge.
If you cross the large bridge over the lake you definately went too far.     Approximate coordinates are:   N 36 02.354, W 78 40.172

(If you happen to be coming down Route 50 from the north, e.g. from the Creedmore/Butner region, it is quicker to just take Old Weaver east from where it crosses Route 50; pass over the larger lake bridge and then the smaller lake inlet, then look for the parking on the right just after that smaller lake inlet.)

Note that this event location is more primative than the usual parks which our club uses.  We are parking in what is effectively a dirt road on the side of the main road, and there are no facilities at this location.

The good news is that there are also no restrictions to access at this location, and so a very early start should be possible. We expect that we should be ready for starts as early as 8:00am, and by 9:00am at the latest.

Please be certain when parking to not block any gate or road access.

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  1. What’s the latest start and what time are you planning to close the course?


  2. Is registration required?

  3. Never mind about the registration question. Just noticed “No pre-registration is necessary”.