March 27 2011 at Lake Crabtree is APPROVED

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On such short notice, there were few options for where to move the event.  I do not have time in the next week to flag controls out at Raven Rock or Birkhead, so I decided to take it as a challange to see whether a reasonable training course could be set at Lake Crabtree.

In case you haven’t run there before, Crabtree has a lot of trails; I had trouble locating any point in the park which is more than 100m from a trail or road.  In order to keep legs from becoming long trail-running exercises, I kept leg lengths very short.

This has made the course somewhat sprint-ish, in that legs are short and overall course lengths are slightly less than normal. However, in order to balance this, the total number of controls is considerably greater than normal.   This should be an opportunity to work on rapid-fire, fast legs, confidence, concentration, and quick decision making.

I am still fine tuning the courses, but at the moment they look like this:

    Brown   3.2km   18 controls

    Green   4.3km   24 controls

    Red      5.4km   31 controls

Because of the numerous trails in the area, there is always a trail backstop somewhere “close” to the control (although making use of these backstops will typically dramatically increase running time due to the shortness of legs).  This makes control difficulty somewhere around Orange.

Since noone is going to get lost on any of these controls, I am going to make an exception for this Advanced event, and open up participation in this event to anyone who has successfully finished an Orange or above at one of our regular events. You must also be a club member, have your own epunch/fingerstick, and pre-register.

If you already pre-registered for the March 27 Umstead event, I ask that you please re-pre-register; this will help me to know that you still want to attend now that the event is at Crabtree.

Pre-register before Friday March 25 at noon; I will be taking the file to Kinkos late Friday afternoon to get the maps printed, so if you aren’t on the list by then, you won’t get a map.  Register early in order to be certain.

As usual, Crabtree Park may close if there is rain.  Call (919)460-3390 on the day of the event for the latest information regarding the status of the park.

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