2009 Annual Meeting

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Minutes from 2009 BOK Annual Meeting

October 18, 2009


The budget was reviewed, and all was determined to be in order. Topics of interest:

  • A-meet budget:
    • Last time, the profits were all donated to the Team.
    • The club has awards left over from last time, including medals, which will cut down on costs this time.
    • Printing costs will also be lower because there were printing issues last time.
  • Membership fees:
    • The club decided to keep membership fees at the current rate.
      • Most clubs give a discount to members at events instead of covering all charges under a one-time membership fee, but the BOK method was acknowledged to be more efficient because it saves repeated registration hassle.

Board member elections

Artem and Andy were re-elected for 3-year terms. Their terms will expire in 2012.

The current board:

  • Artem Kazantsev (exp 2009)
  • Andy Huber (exp 2009)
  • Vladimir Stemkovski (exp 2010)
  • Joseph Huberman (exp 2011)
  • Mihai Ibanescu (exp 2011)


  • Procedure:
    • Contact landowner
    • Evaluate parking and start areas
    • Evaluate potential for holding sprints or A-meets on the site
  • Joseph has identified a new area to map, which is just past Jordan Lake, on the north side of Pittsboro.
  • Patrick would like an area north of Raven Rock mapped.
    • There’s a religious camp with some land that is not very far away.
    • Al will investigate the area near Raven Rock.
  • Artem and Michael will look into two areas for possible maps.

Intellectual property rights and bok maps

  • The club needs a policy for people printing maps for private programs. If the program is not a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the problem is that the program is making a profit based on the work of a non-profit organization (BOK).
    • The club needs to bill them a per-map fee if they would like to print their own maps. This will be $1 for intellectual property rights and $1 for printing.
  • If it is an educational program, it fits within the BOK charter and so charging is not an issue.
  • Current BOK map deals:
    • Umstead
    • Bond park
      • Initially Bond Park was not interested in buying/selling orienteering maps, but staff ultimately agreed to a $50/year deal.
    • bok currently does not have a map agreement with Raven Rock.

“A” meet

  • Sanctioning process is complete, but final approval for Intercollegiates is still pending.
  • Scoring issue:
    • Scoring method is disputed because of the sprint-middle-long format, concerns that using a total-time scoring system could dilute the sprint results.
    • It is difficult to arrive at a perfect scoring system that will be favorable to all parties.
    • The club concluded that there are two options: either keep the sprint separate and add the total times of the middle and long, or add all three. The club voted to postpone this decision.
      • Keeping the sprint separate was proposed in order to “honor” the sprint winners while not allowing the sprint to complicate the overall scoring procedure.
      • The club further concluded that bok is not in a position to make structural decisions about the intercollegiate scoring procedure. bok will add times to determine a winner, consistent with past intercollegiate championships, unless there is an alternative scoring system devised by a usof taskforce. The only question remaining is whether or not to include the sprint in the cumulative time.
  • Pre-meet runthrough:
    • Before past A-meets, there has been an entire practice meet the weekend before.
      • This allows several runners to ‘pre-run’ courses for official times while also enabling them to be available the following weekend for control hanging.
      • The club would need to secure permission from Umstead to use the park on both weekends in order to run this pre-meet.
  • Parking:
    • The club will need to have members directing traffic.
    • Crabtree and Lapihio camps are the most convenient parking areas.
  • Hospitality:
    • One person was assigned this job. It involves:
      • Negotiating a group rate at a hotel that can serve as meet headquarters
        • A possibility is the Country Inn, which is on the 40 side of Umstead.
        • Otherwise it would be logical to investigate hotels near Brier Creek/the 70 entrance.
      • Researching other available accommodations and their rates
      • Securing a venue for the event dinner
        • Bond Park may allow the club to use its community center for this purpose.
    • There is a googledocs spreadsheet with accommodations information from last time that may be useful for these tasks.
  • Medical support:
    • The club has already arranged medical back-up for the weekend.
  • Course design:
    • Joseph and Paul were assigned to course design.
  • Vetters and setters:
    • Set flags accurately.
    • Verify map accuracy, especially in the vicinity of controls.
    • Be especially aware of rootstock mapping issues.
    • Check all viable attacks into the controls.
  • Other jobs:
    • A googledocs spreadsheet will be posted, and club members can request specific tasks.


  • The club will need to change the locations of two upcoming meets scheduled for Umstead North, which would otherwise conflict with the A-meet embargo.
    • Artem would prefer the meet he is directing to be moved to Umstead South.
    • Charles and Nadia were not present, but there was speculation about moving their meet to a part of Umstead near Ebenezer Church Road. They are planning to set a couple of radio controls at their event.
  • The 2010 schedule of local events was outlined by Joseph with input from the club.

Tentative and Preliminary 2010 BOK Calendar

January 10 – Sprint Vladimir

February 20 – 21 – Sycamore Scramble – National “A” Meet, everyone welcome

March 13 – Night “O” at Bond Park, Mihai
March 28 – Regular Umstead North, Artem

April 11 – Advanced Raven Rock, Al
April 18 – Regular Umstead, Vladimir

May 9 – Regular Umstead, Patrik & Joseph (Mom’s half price)
May 23 – Sprint Lake Johnson, Bill

June 6 – Regular Umstead [need event director]
June ? – Advanced or Sprint [Need event director]

July ? – Sprint [Need event director]

August 29 – Advanced Schenck Forest, Vladimir

September 19 – Regular Umstead, Holly & Artem
September ? – Sprint or Advanced [Need event director]

October 3 – Advanced Umstead Greylin, Joseph & Ruth
October 31 – Regular Umstead, Mike & Joseph

November 14 – Regular Umstead Vladimir
November ? – Sprint or Advanced [Need event director]

December 5 – Regular Umstead [Need event director]
December ? – Sprint or Advanced[Need event director]

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