2008 Event Tally

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on January 11th, 2009

Joseph Huberman

I just finished the event tally for 2008.  BOK pays the United States Orienteering Federation (USOF) a fee for each entry that starts at an event.  Here is a summary of our event attendance for 2008:

We had 20 events with an average of 51 entries per event.  The largest events were January and September with 101 and 109 respectively, the smallest was December with 52 entries.

On our regular events the courses are surprisingly similar averaging between 13 and 16 entries with only Green lagging behind in popularity with an average of only 7 entries.

Our Training events (now called Advanced) averaged 24 entries ranging from 20 to 30 with similar results for the Sprint events (20-31, average 21).

Rounding out our season we had 28 entries at our Night event, and 20 entries at our Score event.

Our annual total was 1032 entries for the 2008 year.

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