New advanced event added to calendar: Falls Lake, July 22

Filed under: Latest News by Ken. on June 28th, 2012


A new event has been added to the BOK calendar.

We will hold an Advanced event at Falls Lake on Sunday July 22. Josef will be designing the courses, and he has suggested that he intends to make medium length courses (Green 3.5km, Red 5.0km). (Falls Lake does not lend itself well to sprints, but the intent was still to keep course lengths low.)

Due to the heat in July we will be having a very early start, and there will also be a relatively short start window; the start window will be only between 9:00am and 10:00am. We will start picking up controls by 11:00am.

This event is open to BOK members with their own SI finger-sticks. Only advanced courses will be available.

Be sure to preregister before Saturday, July 21. (I will print the maps some time Saturday afternoon, so if you register in the wee hours of Sunday morning there probably will not be a map for you.)

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