BOK Event Registration & Store

Register for Events, Pay Entry Fees, Buy Finger Sticks, Whistles and Annual Passes.

You Must Pre-Register to Attend an Event.

Everyone needs to take a Whistle, and each group (or individual) on a course needs a finger stick. Everyone in a group should have their own map. If it is a Radio-O ARDF event you also need a Receiver.

Prices shown include the required entry, and rental of the finger stick and, for ARDF events, the receiver. Check the discount boxes in the product if you have these items and/or annual pass.

After you check the items you need, click "Add to Bag". If you want to add another entry, change the name and check boxes. Then click "Add Another" and it will add the new entry to the cart. In addition, you can add other products to your shopping cart before checking out. If you need to remove an item click the "X" next to the item title and it will remove the item from your cart.

Don't forget to enter your car license number and description so, if you are late, we can check the parking area before we start looking for you. It is a good idea to take your cell phone with you.

You must accept the Waiver of Responsibility to attend a BOK event.

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