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Use this product to purchase BOK maps. We are trusting you to pay BOK $2 for each map that you print for your personal use.

BOK holds the copyright of the map. You may not sell the maps, but you may print what you need for you and your friends personal use.

Our maps start with LIDAR data that needs to be interpreted into a contour base map. Then someone goes out into the woods on foot and walks over the entire area putting all the features on the map. As you can see this is very labor intensive and expensive when we hire a professional orienteering cartographer to create or update our maps.

We will send you a .pdf of the map section that you want. You can then print as many copies as you need. We would like you to use this product to pay us $2 per map that you print. This will help fund the updates to the map and create new maps in our area.

Contact us first by email to arrange for the map, and then use this product to pay for as many maps as you will be using at $2 each.

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