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Finger stick purchase & personalization

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This price includes personalizing the Finger Stick with your name so your name will print out on your results print-out.

We do not ship finger sticks.

We encourage you to purchase your own finger stick so when your results print out at the event your name will be included rather than just “BOK Rental”. (In addition it more than pays for itself in 6 events and it helps the event director so your name is entered in the results automatically rather than needing to be typed in.)

Finger Sticks are also known as a “stick” or “SI-Card” or sometimes just “card”. BOK sells and rents the “SI-Card 8” made by Sport Ident. This is a fast card at only 115 ms. It holds 30 controls as well as your Name.

We do not ship finger sticks. You can pick it up at an event. We will personalize it and bring it to (hopefully) the next event. (If it isn't ready you can use a rental at no extra charge.)

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