How to check and synchronize the time on the SI boxes

When the LCD screen on the bottom of any SI box is blank the box is in “standby” mode. To place it in “active” mode, activate it with any finger stick or use the purple “service/off” stick in the equipment box.

When in “active” mode, the start, finish, and control boxes will flash their control number and the time. You can compare the times on the various boxes by observing them.

The clear/blue box is an “SI master”.

The computer must be used to set the time on the “SI master”. After that, the “SI master” can be used for quickly synchronizing all the other SI boxes.

Use of the “service/off” stick will cycle the “SI master” through the following modes:

  • Service (SERVMO)
  • TimeMaster (TIMEMA)
  • ExtendedMaster (EXT MA) – just like TimeMaster, but will additionally clear the backup memory.
  • Off

Synchronizing the time

Use the “service/off” stick to select the “ EXT MA” mode on the “SI master”

Place the “coupling” stick into the “SI master”

With the “coupling” stick still in place in the “SI master”, place it over each SI box (a start, finish, or control box), one at a time, so the coupling stick is in both the “SI master” and the SI box at the same time until it beeps (twice) and blinks. That indicates that the “SI master” time is synchronized with the SI box time and its backup memory has been cleared.

If you don’t plan to use the controls right away, it’s probably best to turn them off once they are synchronized. Use the same “Service/Off” stick.

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