Electronic Punching

Electronic Punching

Using SportIdent Equipment at Backwoods Orienteering Klub Events

Finger Stick  model SI-Card8

Clearing old data off the Finger Stick

Before you start, you need to clear out any old data from a previous event.  Just stick the Finger Stick into the Clear Box (punch the clear box) and hold it there for a few seconds until it beeps and flashes.

Starting Your Course

When it is time to start, the start official will give you the “OK” and then you “punch” the start box.  It too will beep and flash, but much more quickly.

Finding and punching a control

As you may expect, you get the beep and flash for each control you punch.  Be sure to check the number on the box.  Electronic punching is much more forgiving because you can have any number of extra “punches” on your stick without being disqualified.  It is only important that the proper controls are all in the right order, even if there are wrong controls in between.

The finish box

At the finish, your time ends when you punch the finish box and it beeps and flashes.

Then you must pick out your Entry Form from the clipboard with the other entries from your course and initial that you have returned, and indicate your return time.

Finally you Download the information from your Finger Stick.

Download your data from the finger stick

The final step is to download the data from your finger stick into the download box.  Same thing… wait for the beep and flash.  After you finish there will be two more beeps and flashes signifying that the download box is ready to accept another competitor.

Your results print out and you are done

The printer will immediately print your results including the time you punched each control, the time it took to run that leg of the event, and your total time up to that punch.  You keep your results and later the data from the download box is formatted for posting the results on the web.

The header shows the download time and then the owner of the finger stick.  Where it says *** BOK RENTAL *** your stick would be personalized with your name.

The columns are:

  1. control sequence number
  2. control code number
  3. clock time
  4. time between controls
  5. elapsed time at each control

BOK uses the following equipment from SportIdent:

  • Finger Sticks – SI-Card DI-8  (any other SI-card will also work in our control stations)
  • Control stations – BSF8-DB Control Station, Red, Bottom Display
  • Download station – 13200 Printout Master Station si/bs7-p

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  1. This description was useful in helping me understand the finger-sticking method of recording a participants progress completing the orienteering course. Thanks.

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