Results – Open Radio-O/ARDF 80 m Classic at Umstead South, May 12, 2024

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It was a perfect day for running in the woods. No rain – yay! Sunny but not very hot. Also, good attendance despite the Mother’s day and school graduation. Thanks to all, both seasoned and new competitors, for coming out!

The directors tried to make courses with multiple choices for routes. This was not easy to do for all categories so the focus was on the medium and the strongest men had to run further and around the lake.

Many thanks to Charles Scharlau who helped with planning the courses, programming the transmitters, and setting them up as well as setting up a Si-Droid event. Thank you Joseph for renting the spacious shelter for us and providing BOK equipment. Thank you Nadia for your valuable coaching.

The results

Umstead South Radio-O, Results

Umstead South Radio-O, Results


80m Full 5.8 km 310 m 180 min (6 Controls)

1 Norbert Linke BOK 5 p (57:17) 830320
2 Imre Polik BOK 5 p (66:05) 7300514
3 Evgeny Danilov BOK 5 p (78:04) 2114177
4 Gheorghe Fala BOK 5 p (82:19) 8400555
5 Matt Craig BOK 5 p (84:25) 7000530
6 William Allen BOK 5 p (93:51) 7019429

80m Medium 3.8 km 177 m 180 min (5 Controls)

1 Nadia Scharlau BOK 4 p (46:48) 2005018
2 Joseph Huberman #2   4 p (59:17) 2005005
3 Erin Hammer   4 p (64:55) 2150762
4 Adalia Schafrath-Craig   4 p (66:31) 2049374
5 Joseph Huberman   4 p (76:20) 2005005
6 Alan McNeely   4 p (80:32) 2114171
7 Tiger Zhao BOK 4 p (94:35) 2150752
8 Zeke Balderrama NA 4 p (118:06) 2450667

80m Short 3.3 km 127 m 90 min (4 Controls)

1 Maria Burrus   3 p (82:38) 2150759
2 Ruth Bromer   3 p (85:59) 2005002
3 Jay Mack   2 p (113:00) 2156010
Umstead South Radio-O, Split times

Umstead South Radio-O, Split times


80m Full (6)180 min 5.8 km 310 m 6 C max 5 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Norbert Linke5 p (57:17)135(1 p)131(1 p)133(1 p)132(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
2Imre Polik5 p (66:05)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
3Evgeny Danilov5 p (78:04)135(1 p)131(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
4Gheorghe Fala5 p (82:19)135(1 p)132(1 p)134(1 p)131(1 p)133(1 p)136 Finish 
5Matt Craig5 p (84:25)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)134(1 p)135(1 p)136 Finish 
6William Allen5 p (93:51)135(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 

80m Medium (8)180 min 3.8 km 177 m 5 C max 4 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Nadia Scharlau4 p (46:48)132(1 p)135(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
2Joseph Huberman #24 p (59:17)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
3Erin Hammer4 p (64:55)135(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
4Adalia Schafrath-Craig4 p (66:31)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
5Joseph Huberman4 p (76:20)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
6Alan McNeely4 p (80:32)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
7Tiger Zhao4 p (94:35)132(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)135(1 p)136 Finish 
8Zeke Balderrama4 p (118:06)132(1 p)135(1 p)133(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 

80m Short (3)90 min 3.3 km 127 m 4 C max 3 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Maria Burrus3 p (82:38)135(1 p)133(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
2Ruth Bromer3 p (85:59)135(1 p)133(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
3Jay Mack2 p (113:00)132(1 p)133(1 p)136 Finish 

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Event Invitation…

We will have an 80 m classic course at William B. Umstead Park South Reedy Creek entrance on Sunday, May 12, 2024. The Reedy Creek entrance is off Harrison Avenue, just north of exit 287 from I-40 GPS: 35.83311, -78.760

For more information about Radio-O/ARDF, see the BOK ARDF page. Starts are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The courses close at 3 p.m.

In order to be sure we have enough rental receivers we will be renting them for a morning session 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. (If all the receivers aren’t rented then there may not be a 1.5-hr time restriction.)

Directors: Evgeny and Erin.

Online registration is required. Please register by Friday May 10. There is no need to sign up for a particular course. Everyone gets the same map. If you are renting a receiver, make sure to bring your own headphones.

The check-in starts at 9:30 a.m. at/near the big shelter. Maps and any reserved equipment will be available there. Start and finish are nearby.

Course notes. As we are nearing competition season we are aiming to stay close to the international ARDF rules in terms of course length. There is no starting corridor though. The courses are on the typical William B. Umstead park terrain with ups and downs crossing reentrants. There are a few water features marked uncrossable on the map so please pay attention to the map. Foxes will be of typical classic course power used at US national championships, on 3.52 MHz (foxes) and 3.60 MHz (homing beacon). There is a 750 m exclusion zone around the start.


LevelApproximate effective length
FULL (5 foxes)9 km
LONG (4 foxes)8 km
MEDIUM (4 foxes)6 km
SHORT (3 foxes)4.6 km
1 FOX2 km

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  1. Are there beginner classes available through BOK or other Triangle Klubs anytime in the near future?

  2. forgot to ask where can I purchase a state of NC orienteering map?

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for your interest. Because the scale of an orienteering map is usually 100 m in 1 cm it takes about three orienteering maps to cover just William B. Umstead park. So… there is no such thing as an orienteering map for the state of North Carolina. There are maps for orienteering events the BOK organizes in parks around the Triangle. You can get a map if you sign up and participate in an event. The number of available parks is limited so after a dozen of events you would pretty much have a full collection. Map master files that BOK owns are not in public domain because it wants to limit map circulation in case it has to host a championship or other big event. Orienteering maps from all over the world including many maps in the US can be found at

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for your interest. BOK usually schedules radio orienteering beginner classes in the Spring. A three-weekend radio orienteering beginner class series just ended this past weekend. Questions about future classes should be addressed to the class coordinator Charles Scharlau at charles.scharlau(AT) It is possible that if a substantial amount of interested people accumulates he might add more beginner classes. Questions about regular orienteering classes should be addressed to Joseph Huberman at joseph.huberman(AT) Tutorials on how to work a compass, a map, and some useful links can be found on the BOK website.

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