Latest Updates for the ARDF Championships

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Link to Bulletin 4

Use this link to see who has already registered:

Sunday’s event is at Umstead South, 2100 North Harrison Ave. Cary, NC, which is off of exit 287 in I-40. Arrive by 8:00am to drop your stuff at Shelter #1 at the left (west) side of the parking lot. The youth will have a short walk to the 2 meter start leaving from Shelter #1 at 8:15am. Adults will take the bus to the 80 meter start, leaving the parking lot at 8:15am. Course assignments should be posted later tonight and will be on your maps.

After all the rain in the evening and overnight the park is quite wet. There could be water in some ditches that are normally dry. Please plan accordingly with shoes and clothing. Protect your receiver if you feel it is necessary.

It’s going to be hot and humid tomorrow. Bring your own water to run with. If you want electrolytes at the finish, either plan to put them in your water carrier or bring an extra bottle for electrolyte drink. There will be no cups.

2&80m equipment check at the hotel 5:30pm
Team meeting at the hotel at 6pm
Friday’s general meeting will start at 7pm. I will discuss the procedures for the classic events and answer questions.

Schedule, Map sizes & Frequencies

Standard Map Sizes:

  • Letter Size (8.5×11” 21.6x28cm)
  • Legal Size (8.5×14” 21.6×35.6cm)

●  Saturday Aug 3: 9am – 1pm  Classic Championship, Umstead North 8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh,

  • All classes 150 minute time limit
  • Adult 2m Classic course for classes M-21, M-19, and M-40 are at a scale of 1:15,000.  Letter Portrait
  • Adult 2m Courses other than above: 1:10,000 Legal Portrait
    • 144.5 MHz Foxes
    • 145.3 MHz Beacon
  • Youth 80m Courses: 1:10,000 Letter size Portrait
    • 3.51 MHz Foxes
    • 3.53 MHz Beacon

Saturday Transmitter Assignments

  • 6pm Banquet  and Awards for completed Championships at Dim Sum House, 100 Jerusalem Dr #104, Morrisville,

●  Sunday Aug 4: 9am – 1pm  Classic Championship, Umstead South 2000 N Harrison Ave, Cary. All adults have to be at Umstead South 8:15 am in order to be bused to the start.

  • Adult Courses 80m:
  • 150 minute time limit
  • Legal size paper landscape
  • 3.51 MHz Foxes
  • 3.53 MHz Beacon
  • Youth Courses 2m:
  • Letter size paper Landscape
  • 144.525 MHz Foxes
  • 145.3 MHz Beacon

1pm Awards for Sunday events

Frequencies MHz

  • 2m foxes
    • Adult Foxes 144.5
    • Youth foxes 144.525
    • beacon 145.3
  • 80m foxes 
    • 3.51 Classic & Sprint Slow 
    • 3.53 Beacon  (The Spectator and Beacon are on the same frequency.)
    • 3.55 Sprint Fast
    • 3.579 FoxOring


All competitors are required to carry water with them on the course in a reusable container.  Single use plastic bottles are prohibited.

  • It is going to be hot and humid.   We don’t want anyone to suffer dehydration out in the field.  
  • We will be supplying water at the start and finish, and an electrolyte drink, Vitalyte, at the finish. The water will be commercial purified water with a pump delivery system.  
  • We are committed to reducing our use of disposables and single use plastics, so disposable drink bottles or plastic disposable cups are not permitted at the start, finish or out on the course.  
  • You must bring a reusable water hydration system with you.  We recommend a backpack or belt pack with a hose so you can easily drink during the competition. 
  • Leave an additional drink container at the finish if you want to keep the Vitalyte drink separate from your water pack.

Physical Therapy on Site

Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT of Elite Arts Physical Therapy will be available for on site physical therapy sessions throughout the week of our event!  If you have an on-going chronic injury that you want to have worked on before or after your run, or if you develop a new injury during the event, she will be able to work on you at your convenience. 

  • Services provided include: Manual therapy (Massage and mobilizations), cupping, taping, manual stretching, and exercises.  
  • Appointments can be made ahead of time or during the event in 15 min increments.
  • Pricing: 15 min for $15; 30 min for $30; 45 min for $45; 1 hour for $60
  • To book an appointment email
  • For more information visit

Organizer Contact Information

Backwoods Orienteering Klub
Ruth Bromer, Registrar,
Joseph Huberman, Event Director,
904 Dorothea Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603

Registration and Payment can be found on the OUSA site:

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