Scent Trail Orienteering

Do you enjoy walking in the woods with your dog?  Does your dog like to sniff things along the trail?  If the answers are yes, then this new game might be fun for you and your dog.  Below we describe the initial setup, and with your help we will refine the rules to make it even more fun.

How Scent Trail Orienteering Works

There are well marked trails about 500 yards long. Along each trail will be orange and white flags. 

At each flag there will be a concealed container within 2 feet of the flag that may or may not contain a scent. Your dog’s job is to tell you if the container is scented.  You will record your dog’s decision by inserting a small “finger stick” that you were given into the box on top of the flag if your dog detects the odor.

The goal is to identify the scented containers while following the trail.

When you finish we will download your dog’s decisions from the stick and you will get points for every correct decision.

If you like, you can carry a booklet that has the answers in it, so after your dog makes the decision you can check the answer to know if you should treat your dog.

Everyone is on their honor. There are no judges. 

Are You Interested

If this is something that you would like to try, send Ruth Bromer an email and let her know.  We will be in touch with you to work out details for the first event.

Ruth Bromer –
Joseph Huberman

The Future

If you (and others) enjoy this game and want more of a challenge then we can easily make it more complex by:

  • adding some scents along the trail that aren’t marked with flags for your dog to find.
  • increasing the hide radius from the flag
  • timing the event so that speed is a factor
  • adding additional smells
  • making the trails longer
  • What else can you think of to make this fun?

We will also work out how we want the scoring to work and how you acheve titles

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