2019-06-02 Eno River ARDF/Radio-O Results

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The event had a 2 m classic course using both sides of the Eno River and a foxoring course on the East side. The weather was hot but felt mild compared to the week we experienced before. We had nine participants. Seven tried the 2m classic course and five tried the foxoring course.

The classic had the usual five foxes. Foxes 2 and 5 were on the west side of the river, each on its own hill. Reflections off adjacent slopes made it difficult in some places and several people got stuck there searching back and forth. Yup. That’s 2 m. It takes a lot of experience to become consistent at finding the foxes.

The foxoring course had 8 foxes, each one within 40 m of the control feature. Easy with the BOK receivers. Just at the limit with the R3500D. Everyone did well on the foxoring course.

This was a super rewarding event for Kelly and Patrick. Thank you to all who came out. Thank you especially to those who tried the 2 m course for the first time. It was great to see all the good cheer as people took on this new challenge.

This was the first 2 m classic that we (Kelly and Patrick) put on. We also put on a beginner foxoring course. A full foxoring course would have been nice but we had just barely the time to setup before the 11 AM start time. We were a bit worried. A 2 m classic is an event that requires advanced radio direction finding skills. Yet several people with no RDF experience wanted to try it out. Fantastic!

It appears that some of the downloads are missing. In particular, Gheorghe Fala, Lina Lindberg, and Luke Robson were some of the brave ones to take on the 2 m classic as RDF first timers.

A big thanks goes to Joseph Huberman and Ruth Bromer who lent us the transmitters for several weeks so that we could get our receivers ready. Also a big thanks to Gheorghe Fala, Imre Polik, and Dave Waller who helped with control pickup. You guys are super : )

We placed pictures from the event on one of our home web pages. Enjoy.

Eno 2019-06-02, Results

Foxring June 22.7 km, 180 min10 Controls
17300514Imre Polik9 p (28:34)
22005002Ruth Bromer9 p (45:18)
32106554Lina Lindberg8 p (44:58)
42005030Emmett and James8 p (76:10)
2M Classic5.5 km, 180 min7 Controls
12005005Joseph Huberman6 p (137:47)
22005002Ruth Bromer4 p (121:36)
3432074Dave Waller3 p (82:58)
47300514Imre Polik2 p (87:33)

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Eno 2019-06-02, Split times

Sorry guys. I can’t figure out how to make the table come out right. If you know what to do, feel free to edit the page.

Foxring June 2 (6)180 min 2.7 km 10 C max 10 p
PlName / ClubTime
1Imre Polik9 p (28:34)43(1 p)44(1 p)47(1 p)46(1 p)48(1 p)45(1 p)42(1 p)41(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
2Ruth Bromer9 p (45:18)43(1 p)44(1 p)47(1 p)48(1 p)46(1 p)45(1 p)42(1 p)41(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
3Lina Lindberg8 p (44:58)41(1 p)42(1 p)43(1 p)44(1 p)45(1 p)46(1 p)47(1 p)48(1 p)Finish
4Emmett8 p (76:10)41(1 p)42(1 p)45(1 p)46(1 p)48(1 p)47(1 p)44(1 p)43(1 p)Finish
5Gheorghe Fala7 p (26:48)43(1 p)44(1 p)47(1 p)45(1 p)42(1 p)41(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
2M Classic (4)180 min 5.5 km 7 C max 7 p
PlName / ClubTime
1Joseph Huberman6 p (137:47)52(1 p)51(1 p)54(1 p)53(1 p)55(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
2Ruth Bromer4 p (121:36)52(1 p)55(1 p)53(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
3Dave Waller3 p (82:58)52(1 p)55(1 p)70(1 p)Finish
4Imre Polik2 p (87:33)55(1 p)70(1 p)Finish

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