2014 Birkhead International ARDF Competition and Training Camp

 2014 Birkhead International ARDF Competition

and Training Camp




Hosted by the Backwoods Orienteering Klub
In the Uwharrie National Forest Birkhead Wilderness October July 17-23, 2014

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This is a cooperative training camp, with the intent to spread the work of putting on the events among all of the participants so there is not a heavy burden on a small group of people.

The Backwoods Orienteering Klub (BOK) and the Chinese ARDF student team are going to run the training camp and events.

All ARDF competitors are asked to participate.

Everyone is expected to assist with setting up the practices and events.  We will share the expenses which you can see estimated below.  Your registration form won’t ask for payment but it will ask what jobs you can help with.  All payment is requested at the end of the training camp.

This Page will change to reflect current information.  Updates will be listed below so you can see the changes since your last visit.

WebPage Updates:

  • June 14 – Registration Deadline changed to July 1, 2014
  • July 5 – Changes to the Schedule
  • July 13 – Change first day schedule
  • July 15 – Event Schedule changes: 80m changed to July 21, Sprint moved to July 22 and 2m competition to July 23.  Chinese team practice added on July 22.


Event Schedule changes: 80m changed to July 21, Sprint moved to July 22 and 2m competition to July 23.  Chinese team practice added on July 22.

July 17-23, 2014   Sunrise 6:15   Sunset 20:30

  • Thursday July 17: Arrival & Practice
    • 12:03  Last group arrives at Charlotte Airport
    • 12:30  Pick up at airport by bus:
    • 14:00 Arrive and check in at Gray Owl in Asheboro
    • Map familiarization and short orienteering course
    • 19:00 Bus from Gray Owl to hotel
  • Friday, July 18: Practice and Wet & Wild Water Park
    • 07:00 Bus pick up from hotel (Bring stuff for Wet and Wild)
    • 08:00 – 10:30 Morning Practice
    • 11:00 Bus pick up from Gray Owl to Wet & Wild
    • 12:00 – 17:00  Wet and Wild 
    • 17:00 Bus from Wet & Wild to Hotel
  • Saturday July 19: Morning and afternoon Practice
    • 07:00 Bus pick up from hotel
    • 08:00  Morning Practice
    • 12:00 Bus to hotel
    • 15:00 Bus from Hotel to Gray Owl
    • 16:00 Chinese-style short-distance ARDF training
    • 19:00 Bus from Gray Owl to hotel
  • Sunday July 20: FoxOring Competition and Practice
    • 07:00 Bus from Hotel
    • FoxOring Competition
    • 12:00 Bus to hotel
    • 15:00 Bus from Hotel to Gray Owl
    • Chinese-style short-distance ARDF training
    • 19:00 Bus from Gray Owl to hotel
  • Monday July 21: Sprint Competition and Practice
    • 08:00 Bus from Hotel 
    • 09:00 80m Sprint competition starts until 10:00
    • 11:00 Course closes
    • 12:00 Bus to Hotel
    • 15:00 Bus to Gray Owl
    • Chinese team competition practice
    • 19:00 Bus from Gray Owl to hotel
  • Tuesday July 22: 2m Competition and Zoo
    • 07:00 Bus from Hotel to Birkhead Venue
    • 08:00 Sprint  2m Competition Starts until 09:00
    • 11:30 Course Closes
    • 12:30 Bus to the Zoo
    • 17:00 Bus from Zoo to Hotel

  • Wednesday July 23 – 80m Competition and Banquet. (Informal clothes – shorts OK)

    • 07:00 Bus from Hotel to Birkhead Venue
    • 08:00 2m  80m start – Last start 9:00
    • 12:00  Course closes
    • 13:00 Bus to Hotel
    • 18:00 Banquet and Awards in the evening (informal clothes – shorts and t-shirt OK)
  • Thursday Leave Asheboro


  • Charlotte Airport CLT to Hampton Inn  90.4 miles  1 hour 30 minutes
  • Hampton Inn to Gray Owl (1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro, NC 27205)  8.7 miles 15 minutes
  • Hampton Inn to Birkhead Thornburg Venue 11.5 miles 17 minutes
  • Hampton Inn to Birkhead Robbins Branch Trailhead Venue 14.1 miles 20 minutes
  • Gray Owl to Wet and Wild Waterpark  33 miles 35 minutes
  • Wet and Wild to Hampton Inn 24.6 miles 25 minutes
  • Gray Owl to Zoo 8.4 miles 13 minutes
  • Zoo to Hampton Inn  6.2 miles 11 minutes

Course Setters will use the car to arrive early to set courses and stay late to retrieve controls for each of the events and practices.

 We will be flexible and adjust the schedule to fit the needs of the participants consistent with the bus schedule.  Coaches can always decide what is best for their team.  None of the activities are mandatory.  The goal is to learn, improve and have fun.


We would like to have Clinics.  I have listed several possible titles.  If there is another title you would like to see let me know so I can add it.  We need leaders to run the clinics.  If you can lead one of these clinics please note that in your registration.  I would like to have volunteers sign up for all the jobs in advance.

Here you can see the status of the clinics as they are being planned.


  • Event Director: Joseph Huberman
  • Registrar: Ruth Bromer


Phone: (919) 828-6068
Mail: 904 Dorothea Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603

Competitive Courses

Course Controls Length Time Limit
Sprint 6 – 10 2k – 3k 1 hour
FoxOring 5 – 10 3k – 6k 3 hours
Championship 80m 3 -5 3k – 6k 3 hours
Championship 2m 3 -5 3k – 6k 3 hours

Model event courses will be informal and are only for the purpose of becoming familiar with the transmitters, marking equipment, map and terrain.  There will not be any assigned starting or finishing sequence.  They will be available to everyone.

Training Camp Practice Courses, The intent is to spread the work of putting on these events among all of the participants so there is not a heavy burden on a small group of people.  Practice courses will be designed cooperatively by the coaches to highlight a particular skill.  Ideally we will have a clinic to develop a skill and then the next practice will focus on developing that skill.


BOK will provide printed split times as competitors finish each practice or competitive event. Results will be displayed manually for each practice event by displaying cards in finish time order in real time at the event. In addition, for the ARDF competitions, BOK will publish the results on our website.


BOK will provide certificates to the top 8 finishers in each category for the four ARDF Competitions.  For the practice events competitors may keep the cards used to display the daily results.  There are no categories or official results for the practice events.

Categories and Eligibility for the Competitive Events

  • Categories (More youth age groups will be added if necessary)
    • Women (W)
      • W13 Ages 11-13  (Must have 1 year ARDF experience)
      • W16 16 and younger
      • W19 19 and younger
      • W21 regardless of age
      • W35 35 and older
      • W50 50 and older
      • W60 60 and older
    •  Men (M)
      • W13 Ages 11-13  (Must have 1 year ARDF experience)
      • M16 16 and younger
      • M19 19 and younger
      • M21 regardless of age
      • M40 40 and older
      • M50 50 and older
      • M60 60 and older
      • M70 70 and older 
  • Eligibility 
    • Everyone is welcome to compete and is eligible for all the events.
  • Awards
    • Certificates to the top 3 in each class.

Registration Deadlines

Registration deadline will be July 1, 2014.


All costs will be shared as described below.

    • Donated Services
      • BOK will supply the SI equipment and controls to run the events without charge
      • BOK will supply small practice transmitters that can be used for FoxOring and Sprint
      • Joseph & Ruth offer their property adjacent to the Birkhead Wilderness for the camp venue
      • The US Forest Service does not charge if we have 75 participants or less
        (The charges are minimal in the event we have more than 75)
      • The Chinese Team will bring the 80m and 2m competition transmitters
      • Everyone, All Participants will help where they can
    • Shared Expenses
      • Maps will be charged at printing cost which is about $1 per map.
      • Expendable supplies and expenses like batteries and renting toilets will be charged at cost.
    • Individual Expenses
      • Hotel, transportation and meal costs will be paid by the participant or their teams directly to the providers of the services.

The estimated budget is shown below.  We will be adding to it as we plan and will update it with actual expenses as they occur.  This is where you can estimate the final cost which you should pay at the end of the event in USD

Registration & Payment

Registration details to follow

Payment will be due at the end of the training camp

Jobs for Participants

Please choose the jobs you can help with and include that with your registration.  Let me know if I have forgotten to add a job.


Birkhead Wilderness Area, Uwharrie National Forest, Asheboro North Carolina, USA.   Asheboro is 27 miles south of Greensboro, 70 miles west of Raleigh and 70 miles east of Charlotte.

Travel Logistics:
The nearest international airports are in Raleigh and Charlotte. They are both about 130 km (90 minutes) from Asheboro. There is also a regional airport in Greensboro about 50 km (45 minutes) away.
There are many hotels and restaurants in Asheboro about 10 to 15 miles from the venues.

Participants will need to to hire their own transport (rental cars or vans without drivers or Charter Bus with driver) to go to and from the airport, hotels, venues, and restaurants. BOK will assist with reserving hotels, transport, and obtaining visas. 

Cars can be rented at the airports.  We encourage you to share transportation.  If you would like to, or are willing to share a car please let us know so we can try to get people together.

Embargoed Area

There are no embargoed areas, and the practice and competition areas may overlap.

Event Headquarters

1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro, NC USA
(See directions below)


Starting areas range 8-15 miles from the hotel.  Transportation is not provided.

Thornburg Farm Historic Homestead 3985 Lassiter Mill Rd, Asheboro NC.

  • Directions from US-64
  • On the west side of Asheboro take the connector road following signs to NC-49
  • Right turn (south) on NC-49 continue for 5.6 miles
  • Right turn onto Science Hill Road continue for .3 miles
  • Left turn onto Lassiter Mill Road continue for 2.7 miles
  • Thornburg Farm, the event site will be on your left
Robbins Branch Trail 5533 Lassiter Mill Road
  • Directions from US-64
  • On the west side of Asheboro take the connector road following signs to NC-49
  • Right turn (south) on NC-49 continue for 5.6 miles
  • Right turn onto Science Hill Road continue for .3 miles
  • Left turn onto Lassiter Mill Road continue for 5.3 miles
  • Left turn onto Forest Service Road for .6 mile

Tot Hill Farm Trailhead, 3091 Tot Hill Farm Road

  • Directions from US-64
  • On the west side of Asheboro take the connector road following signs to NC-49
  • Right turn (south) on NC-49 continue for 3.1 miles
  • The Trail Head Parking will be on your left in 2.1 miles
Gray Owl Road, 1725 Gray Owl Road
  • Directions from US-64
  • On the west side of Asheboro take the connector road following signs to NC-49
  • Right turn (south) on NC-49 continue for 3.1 miles
  • Left turn onto Tot Hill Farm Road continue for 1.4 miles
  • Left turn onto Hopewell Friends Road, continue for 1.1 miles
  • Right turn onto Gray Owl Road (after pond on right), park in .2 miles.

Description of Terrain

.Birkhead Wilderness Area is rolling ridge and valley with a mature deciduous forest.  The maximum rise is 75 m. The woods are mostly open and runnable. There are rock features throughout the map. There are small streams and very few trails.

Typical Birkhead Forest - Click to see 2 minute movie

Typical Birkhead Forest – Click to see 2 minute movie


~11 sq.km total    Scale: 1:10,000 for all courses except 1:5,000 for the sprint. Contour Interval: 3m.

Map sizes & Paper:

  • Practice Maps  –  8.5 x 11 inches  21.5 x 28cm
  • Competition Maps – will depend on course design.  Maximum size is 11 x 17 inches (28 x 43cm)
  • Paper is standard bond paper printed with waterproof ink

Field checking: Josef Trzicky in 2008-2011 Drafted by Jan Csibrei with updates by Vladimir Stemkovski  2012 and Josef Trzicky and Joseph Huberman 2013.

Section of Birkhead Wilderness Map
Representative section of Birkhead Wilderness Map 1:10,000 scale 3m contour

Training Camp

BOK and China’s coaches will design the training and championship courses. China will need to supply people to set the controls because BOK has a very limited number of volunteers. Using our iPad, people with limited map reading skills will be able to set the controls. No vehicles, including bicycles, are allowed in the wilderness area so all controls need to be set by foot.  Participants who have iPads or iPhones are encouraged to bring them.  We will supply software that you can use to help set controls.

Electronic punching

We will be using SPORTident equipment.  We will use the BSF8-DB Control Stations  so all SI-cards should work.  SI-cards will be provided for those who do not have SI-Cards.   (We have 70 loaner SI cards.  If any loaner SI card is lost, the team will be charged $40 for replacement cost.)

Cell Phones and GPS

We encourage everyone to carry a cell phone on the training exercises.
Cell Phones and GPS may be carried on the course for safety, however you will be disqualified if you use a cell phone or GPS with a map image during competition.  Looking at your device will be considered use.  This does not apply if used to summon help for an injured competitor.

Transmitter Details

BOK will supply 2m and 80m short range practice, sprint, and FoxOring transmitters.

China will bring 2m and 80m transmitters for the competitions and some spare receivers to loan to people who need them.

Fox-O Transmitters


Sprint Transmitters






If participants want a T-shirt we can have one made.  The cost would be about $15 USD and shirts would be cotton.  Technical shirts are also a possibility and with enough numbers would be about $40 USD.  Payment would have to be in advance.


We will not be providing any meals. Grocery stores, a deli and Subway are enroute to the venue.  There are many restaurants within walking distance from the hotel and within 20 minutes of all the venues. 


Headquarters Hotel (recently renovated) 11 miles from venue:

  • Comfort Inn, 825 W. Dixie Dr, Asheboro, NC 27205
    (336) 626-4414
  • $?? Special Rate – be sure to mention Backwoods Orienteering Klub
  • Rules for sharing a room:
    Up to 4 can share a room with two double or queen beds.
    If there are kids age 16 or under in the room there must be an adult over 18 in the room.

Bed & Breakfast Inns:

  • Hilltop Bed & Breakfast (Randleman 21 miles to venue)
    • Alice Brunner offers a rate of $??/full breakfast – has 4 rooms total 
    • 336-259-3850

Budget Hotels:

  • Value Inn ($45 single, $49 double +tax – 11 miles to venue)
    • 901 Albemarle St, Asheboro, NC, 27203
    • (336) 629-2101

Mention Backwoods for the preferred rate & check reviews before you book


Primitive camping is permitted without permit or fee in the Uwharrie National Forest.  The Birkhead Wilderness is within the Uwharrie National Forest.   Campsites must be at least 200 feet (61m) from all streams, creeks, roads and wildlife fields. Please don’t build fires and of course pack out all your trash and leave no trace.

USDA – Forest Service Nondiscrimination Statement

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service prohibits discrimination in its programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


  • Hunting is permitted in the Birkhead Wilderness.  All competitors should wear bright orange vests, hats, and/or shirts.
  • All competitors are required to carry a whistle.  Whistles will be on sale at Registration for $1.
  • There is cell phone coverage over most of the map area, and Randolph County has 911 emergency medical response. We encourage participants to carry their cell phones with them in plastic bags. (Cell Phones and non-mapping GPS may be carried on the course for safety, however you will be disqualified if you use a cell phone or mapping GPS during competition.  Looking at your device will be considered use.)
  • We will have a minimal first aid kit on site and the ability to transport people to the hospital or an urgent care center.
    • Hospital: Randolph Hospital, (336) 625-5151, at 364 White Oak St., Asheboro, NC 27203, is a 25 minutes drive from furthest venue.
    • Urgent Care: White Oak Urgent Care, (336) 625-2560 at 197 North Carolina 42 Asheboro, NC 27203
  • Safety in the Woods: Birkhead Wilderness has all the beauty and the hazards associated with Southeastern woodlands. Fortunately, the hazards can be managed with a little preparation.
    • Poison Ivy:  There is very little in the Birkhead Wilderness.  It will mostly be in low lying areas.  It is unlikely to pose a problem if you are wearing long pants, and most likely to affect you if you are bare legged and have scratches on your skin after exposure.
    • Ticks: The event organizers recommend applying Permethrin-based products to clothing the day before the event. We use Sawyer Insect Repellent for Clothing.  We will have it available to put on your running clothes.  One application should be sufficient.
    • Venomous Snakes: Yes, snakes exist in the park, but they are rarely seen, and even less often do they bite. The species of snake you are most likely to encounter are not venomous, and pose no threat to you. The meet director has only seen one poisonous snake in 35 years of orienteering and hiking in North Carolina, although the coursetters have seen a couple.

 ARDF Rules of Competition

Variations from the Rules

  • Region II acceptable rules modifications include:
    • simplified starting sequence
    • reducing the minimum course length
    • using FM transmitters on two meter courses
    • reducing the number of age/gender entry categories
    • reducing the number of Jurors, and the qualifications for being a Juror
  • Specific variations from Region I rules for Region II and US Championship 2013 event.
  • Part A
    • 5.4  There will be no team competition.
    • 6.7  Jury will not receive financial compensation.
    • 7.2-7.7  Bulletins will not be created.  Official information will only be posted to BackwoodsOK.org/ardf2013
    • 8  Competitors will enter individually following instructions on BackwoodsOK.org/ardf2013
    • 9.1-9.4  The Jury will be appointed by the event director from those in attendance.
  • Part B
    • 14.7  All competitors are welcome, and there are no limits to the number of competitors from any society.
    • 16.1 & 16.4 The Registrar will create the Start List
    • 16.5 & 16.6  Omitted
    • 16.8 Not Applicable
    • 17  Omitted
    • 18.3  All information will be disseminated from our website http://ARDF.us
    • 19  Courses:  Variations from the rules will be posted after the courses are designed.
    • 22.2  Bibs will be worn only on the front of the competitor.
    • 22.3  Orange cap and/or vest must be worn so it can be seen – It is hunting season.
    • 23.2  Punch cards for backup will be supplied prior to 10 minutes before the start
    • 24.2  Omitted
    • 24.10  When possible late starters will be timed from their new start time.
    • 25.13  Omitted
    • 26.1  2m and 80m events will be on different days.
    • 28.4 & 28.6  Official results will be published on the event website  BackwoodsOK.org
    • 29.2  Organizers will determine appropriate awards for the top three places for each event and category.
    • 29.6  add “or members of the host club”
    • 30.4  Maps used in previous events will be sent to each competitor in .PDF format.
    • S1.2 & 2.1 Omitted

Visiting Asheboro, The Heart of North Carolina


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