Sycamore Scramble National “A” Event

Sycamore Scramble

a USOF  WUOC Team Fundraiser

This is a USOF Sanctioned “A” event for all competitors and the 2010 Intercollegiate Championship event for eligible full-time college students.


Two Days…   Three Events

Raleigh NC – February 20-21, 2010




Results are determined by adding the times of all three events.

At Umstead Park around beautiful

Lake Sycamore in Raleigh North Carolina.

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Results are calculated by adding the times of all three events.

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(Registration is limited to 200 competitors. We will continue to reserve space for IC competitors )


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Date: February 20-21, 2010

Category: USOF “A” Event & Intercollegiate Championship

Form: All events will be held in daylight

Type: Multi-day individual and Intercollegiate Varsity, JV and Club Teams

Awards: Each person’s time from each of the three events will be added together to get each competitors combined time.  Awards will be given to the top three places in each USOF category,  in each of the 4 Intercollegiate categories, and to the Varsity, JV and Club Teams.   Team results are calculated by adding the times of the top three competitors on each event from each team of from 3 to 5 team members.  Then these combined event times from all three events are added together to determine the winning teams.

Host club: Backwoods Orienteering Klub

Meet Director: Joseph Huberman

Registrar: Ruth Bromer

Course Planner: Joseph Huberman

Course Consultant: Vladimir Gusiatnikov

Classes:  Standard USOF Classes & VM on red, VF on green, JVM and JVF both on orange.

Courses and course lengths:  USOF Recommended courses and lengths for Sprint, Middle and Classic events.

Middle 1k walk to the start from parking & headquarters & 2.6k from the finish back

Course          Length       Climb

  • Blue             5350 m     125m     14 Controls
  • Brown          2850 m     85m      10 Controls
  • Green X       3430 m     75m      13 Controls
  • Green Y       3460 m     84m      13 Controls
  • Orange         3110 m     75m      10 Controls
  • Red X          4350 m     105m    12 Controls
  • Red Y          4270 m     105m    11 Controls
  • White           2190 m     45m     12 Controls
  • Yellow         2190 m     45m     10 Controls

Sprint 150 m walk to start &  finish at HQ

Course                  Length     Climb

  • Long Sprint         2490 m     60m     14 Controls
  • Short A Sprint     2100 m     63m     15 Controls
  • Short B Sprint     2100 m     69m     15 Controls
  • W/Y Sprint         1390 m      33m     14 Controls

Classic 250 m walk to start & finish at HQ

Course       Length          Climb

  • Blue         9700 m         320m         17 Controls
  • Brown     3810 m         110m         9   Controls
  • Green      5820 m         190m         12 Controls
  • Orange    4210 m         150m         9   Controls
  • Red         7290 m          200m         14 Controls
  • White      2050 m         45m           8   Controls
  • Yellow    2340 m         75m           9   Controls

String “O” for all ages (How fast can you punch and move to the next control!)

  • This is open to all classes, all ages, everyone
  • Donations: $5 for adults, $1 for juniors, free for little kids
  • No pre-registration
  • This is a fundraiser put on by the Senior US Team.

Safety:  All competitors are required to carry a whistle.  Whistles will be on sale at Registration for $1

Entries:  Online registration is preferred.

Paper entries can be sent using the USOF standard entry form to: Ruth Bromer, 904 Dorothea Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603

Registration is limited to 200 competitors. Since this is a championship event for the Intercollegiate and potential WUOC competitors, we want to make sure all of them have an opportunity to register so we have reserved 60 entries that we will hold until January 31, 2010  for Intercollegiate and WUOC eligible competitors.  On February 1, 2010 we will release all but 10 of the reserved entries,  and then on February 13, 2010 we will release any remaining reserved entries.  (Of course this is irrelevant if we don’t reach our 200 competitor limit.)

You can view the registered competitors.

Deadlines & Fees:     (Be sure to register for all three events because results are calculated using the combined times from all three.)

Early registration discount ends Feb 5, 2010    Juniors  $15 /event  $40 /all 3    |     Adults $24 /event  $62 /all 3

Last day for normal registration Feb. 15, 2010  Juniors  $20 /event  $55 /all 3     |   Adults $30 /event  $80 /all 3

Late Fee Registration closes Feb. 18, 2010  Juniors  $30 /event  $85 /all 3      |      Adults $40 /event  $110 /all 3

Beginners Instruction & Non-Competitive Entries: We will have walk-in registration on Sunday starting at 9:00 am and a Beginners Instruction Class on Sunday starting at 9:30 AM.  The White, Yellow & Orange levels will be available.  Entry fee is $10 and includes a compass and finger stick.

Payment:  Online using GoogleCheckout or Checks payable to Backwoods Orienteering Klub

Location: William B Umstead State Park, 8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617  ph. (919)571-4170

From RDU airport head north to Glenwood Avenue, NC-70, then head east and the park entrance will be on your right shortly.

Sycamore Scramble Location Map. Click for active Google map.

View Sycamore Scramble 2010 in an active map

Description of terrain:

The park is roughly bordered by US Highway 70 on the north, Interstate 40 on the south, Raleigh-Durham Airport on the west, and Ebenezer Church Road on the east.  There is no distinct boundary in the terrain for most of the park, and private property signs are often out of date; the park expanded dramatically in recent years.  If you find yourself surrounded by office buildings, you are off the map.  Terrain to the west of the park is the RDU Airport buffer, and the woods there look just like the park until the airfield starts.
The park is moderately hilly Piedmont, ridge and valley terrain. There are several artificial lakes. Crabtree Creek is normally not crossable, and courses do not go across it. Sycamore Creek is not crossable except in a few locations (bridges and shallow spots).  It is not permitted to cross the creek except at those locations.  Do not cross the solid black line around water features, and if the water looks too deep for you otherwise, do not go into it.  The water is freezing temperature.
Most of the forest is deciduous.  Most of the impediment to running comes from the trees downed by the 1996 hurricane, and from the 1989 tornado damage.  Aside from the areas impacted by the tornado, there is little undergrowth, however areas of hurricane damage tend to have more of it.  The visibility is in general good to excellent.
Rock features tend to be small and insignificant.  There are numerous quartz cairns (rock piles), some quite prominent.  Stone walls are piles of quartz that extend in a certain direction.
The trail network is moderately developed.  There are several camps, each with a dozen or so buildings.  There is light automobile traffic on the main park road so use caution.   Some areas are marked out of bounds on the map.  Please observe the marked boundary, and report offenders to event staff .

Facilities for training: The south side of the park accessible from I-40 exit 287 is open for training.  Park maps including both the North and South sections are available for sale on water resistant paper for $12 including shipping or $10 at the event.

A Model Event will be available from Noon to 5:00pm on Friday.  Pick your map up at the Hampton Inn at Brier Creek front desk for $5. You will sign for your map, and pay the $5 when you pick up your packet.

Electronic punching: We will be using Sport Ident equipment.  We will use the BSF8-DB Control Stations  so all si-cards should work.

Map scale: 1:10,000 for middle and classic courses (except red and blue which will be 1:15,000 when necessary), and 1:5,000 for the sprint.

Field checking: Josef Trzicky in 2007 with minor updates by event directors until present.

The original orienteering map of the eastern portion of the park was made in 1982 by David Linthicum.   In 1988, Pat Dunlavey and Mikell Platt mapped the western part.  Joseph Huberman surveyed the tornado damage in 1989.   Scott Pleban updated the western part in 1994.  Mark Dominie completed the survey, fieldchecking the central part and updating most of the rest of the park in 1994.  The complete version of the map hosted the 1989 US Long O Championships (now known as Ultra Long), the 1994 US Relay Orienteering Championships (won by QOC) and a spring A meet in 1996.   Hurricane Fran’s aftermath required extensive changes to the depiction of vegetation.  This work was done in 1997 by Georgiy Kuntsevitch (north) and Marat Gizatulin (south), who introduced the first incarnation of the downed tree symbol.  BOK event directors made minor updates afterwards.   The entire park was surveyed again by Josef Trzicky in 2006 and early 2007.  The drafting was done by Jan Csibrei.

Drafter: Jan Csibrei

Time of first start:

9:00am Saturday Middle Distance

2:00pm Saturday Sprint

9:00am Sunday Classic Distance

All starts will be individual.

Walking time to the start:

  • Middle 1.2k walk to the start from parking & headquarters & 2.6k from the finish back
  • Sprint 150 m walk to start &  finish at HQ
  • Classic 250 m walk to start & finish at HQ

Use of GPS Equipment:

If you wish to carry a GPS unit that has a display that shows any navigational information*, and doesn’t talk, and you don’t want to take the chance of being disqualified if someone protest you (particularly if you win):

    • At the Start, you should present it to the Start Official who will tape and seal your display.
    • At the Finish you must present it to the Finish Official who will confirm and record that the seal is intact before you exit the finish chute .
    • Then you may remove the tape.

We will use 3M blue painters tape, and you should confirm that this tape is safe for your display.  BOK will not be responsible for damage to your GPS unit from these procedures.

*Navigational information includes, but is not limited to: location, speed, distance, altitude, direction traveled, range or bearing to a point

Baby-sitting information:

$5 for first 3 hours

T-shirt  information:

Grey is the "default" color.

They are available in Woman’s (fitted and soft 4.5oz) sizes  S through XL and Men’s heavy weight (6.1oz)  in sizes  S through XXL.

The default color for ordering shirts is Charcoal. If you want a different color please put that in the comment field when you register.  If you have already registered  and want to order a shirt, or want to change your order please use our contact form.

T-shirt price $15 each.






Dinner information:

The dinner will be held at the “Carolina Ale House” which is just a few blocks from the hotel.  (Brier Creek location in NC 7981 Skyland Ridge Parkway, Raleigh, NC 27617-8625 (919) 957-4200) It will start at 6:30 Saturday evening.  We have a room reserved for our group.  You can order from the menu, so there is no advance payment needed.  We do need to give the restaurant a reasonably accurate count so they can reserve the space, so please select the dinner on the registration form if you are planning to come and send us an email if you make any changes from the registration form that you submitted.

Hotel information:

The headquarters for the Sycamore Scramble will be the Hampton Inn at Brier Creek, Raleigh NC.  (8021 Arco Corporate Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 27617 )  They have a shuttle to and from the airport and Brier Creek restaurants and stores as well as the Carolina Ale House where we are having our Saturday dinner.   They will have shuttle service to the meet site as well with a sign-up on Friday night so you won’t need to rent a car. The hotel is  off of NC70, near the RDU airport and the entrance to William B. Umstead State Park.

On-line hotel reservations can be made at:  our BOK group discount page, directly from the Hampton Inn at Brier Creek website, or by calling the hotel directly at 919-484-0500 or 1-800-HAMPTON.  If you don’t use the BOK discount page be sure to use the Group/Convention Code: “BOK” so you can get the reduced rate of $79 plus tax. This includes a hot buffet breakfast. To be sure you get a room make your reservation by 02/01/10.

Questions can be answered:

Contact form:

Phone: 919-828-6068

Mail: 904 Dorothea Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603


USOF Classes

Classic  51 Classes
White Yellow Orange Brown Green Red Blue
F-10 F-14 F-16 F-18 M65+ F-20 F-21+ M-21+
F-12 F-Yellow F-Orange F55+ M70+ F35+ M-20
M-10 M-14 M-16 F60+ M75+ F40+ M35+
M-12 M-Yellow M-Orange F65+ M80+ F45+ M40+
M/F-White Gr-Yellow Gr-Orange F70+ M85+ F50+ M45+
Gr-White F75+ M90+ F-Green M-Red
F80+ M-Brown M-18
F85+ M50+
F90+ M55+
F-Brown M60+

Intercollegiate 4 Classes
White Yellow Orange Brown Green Red Blue
Age class ranges are indicated by a “-” and/or a “+”.  A “-” before the age means “and younger”, the “+” after the age means “and older”.   Classes containing the course color are age neutral.  Classes containing Gr and course color are age and sex neutral groups. Classes containing “F” are female and “M” are male, competitive but otherwise gender neutral.  Recommended splits for Red and Green when participation warrants it:  Red X( M-20,M35+,M40+), Red Y(F-21+,M45+), Green X(M-18,M50+,M55+), Green Y(F-20,F35+,M60+,F40+,F45+,F50+,F55+).

The USOF Rules of Competition

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