Results for Ft. Macon

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It was a pretty perfect day for orienteering in a brand new location, on a brand new map. Orienteers were treated to some deceptively technical control locations among the dunes at Ft. Macon. It was a very fun and unique event that we’ll hope to do again next year.

We used a new SI system and some of the controls were not properly synced. So unfortunately, we cannot report split timing on any of the courses. It is possible that we will update this page with more detailed results later. And apologies also for the uneven formatting in the results that follow.

Many thanks to Carl Briscoe from West Carteret for his hard work putting together this event. It really was one of the most fun events we have done in a long time. Contact Dave at with comments or corrections.


WHITE           1.9 KM            11 C               20 COMPS

NAME                                                CLUB                         TIME

1. JEREMIAH WALIGORA            WCHS            18:27

2. DAVID JONES                             WCHS            20:08

3. ??                                                                         22:48

4. NATE ROBERTS                        WCHS            24:51

5. BUSH AND WALLACE              NB                  25:05

6. SNYDER AND SEAL                  NB                  26:38

7. T. ANELOSKI                               NB                  28:01

8. FRAZIER AND RALPH              NB                  29:54

9. SANDY AND SON                       WCHS            30:21

10. JJTD                                            LEJ                 31:32

11. TZU / HASTY-CHESTNUT        NB                  31:48

12. WOODBY AND SANTIAGO    NB                  33:34

13. WILLIAM THATCHER           WCHS            33:58

14. ANGELITO BADILLO              WCHS            37:34

15. NELJ                                             LEJ                  38:21

16 RYAN BOYETTE                        WCHS            39:28

17 SNAVELY AND GONZALES   WCHS            42:46

18 JOE DRIVER                                WCHS            42:49

CAMPBELL AND D. JONES          WCHS            DNF

WHITE AND WOODS                     NB                DNF

YEOMANS AND RICH                   WCHS            DNF

YELLOW       2.7 KM             11 C               2 COMPS

NAME                                    CLUB                         TIME

1 NICK CARTER                  WCHS            49:00

2 JONES AND KRIEBEL    WCHS            57:51

LONG             4.9 KM            15 C    1 COMPS

NAME                                                CLUB                         TIME

1 NATE WESTBROOK                    WCHS            46:21

LONG WITH 20 LB SAND BAG                4.9 KM            15 C                4 COMPS

NAME                                    CLUB                                     TIME

1 HAYDEN WINCHELL     WCHS                        50:35

2 JACOB EDWARDS           WCHS                        84:52

3 JAKE DECKER                  WCHS                        87:22

4 AARON JERONIMO         WCHS                        91:04

SCORE           ca 6.2 KM            25 C                5 COMPS

NAME                        CLUB                         SCORE          

GHEORGE FALA     BOK               139

DAVID WALLER     BOK               133

IMRE POLIK             BOK              126  (98:42)

RYAN KILUK          WCHS            126

SUSAN CARL           BOK               113

TONY LAWRENCE BOK               92  (102:46)

IAN SHIELDS           BOK               113 (Overtime)

W Izaguirre                 WCHS        139 (DQ Overtime)

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