Results for Radio Orienteering Nov 12, Umstead South

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Eight competitor groups (ten individuals) participated in the 80m classic course competition on November 12. Everyone located all the controls on their course, and no one was OT! That is especially impressive because it was the first time on a standard course for three of them. All the first-timers were graduates of Nadia Scharlau’s beginner classes. Congratulations to all.

The course, as promised, was challenging. Those with the best orienteering skills, who kept close track of their location on the map, had a significant advantage on this course. A lot of climb could have been avoided by following a trail to Fox #5 rather than following the signal direction straight through a series of steep re-entrants. But only those who knew where they were, and looked for alternative routes, could take advantage.

Kudos to Matt Craig, the only competitor to find all five foxes, who finished the course in about 100 minutes. Well done!

Master Map

Master Map Showing All Transmitter (“Fox”) Locations


3 Controls 300 min

1Nadia Scharlau3 p (50:07)2005018
2Joseph Huberman3 p (1:03:04)2005005
3Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p (1:11:46)2049374
4Evgeny Danilov & Erin Hammer3 p (1:16:55)2114177
5Ruth Bromer3 p (1:27:00)2005002
6Thomas Updike & Emily Mahoney3 p (2:30:09)2005032
?Alan McNeely3 p Lost SI stick

5 Controls 300 min

1Matt Craig5 p(1:40:26)7000530

Split times

3 Controls 300 min

1Nadia Scharlau3 p (50:07)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 
2Joseph Huberman3 p (1:03:04)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 
3Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p (1:11:46)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 
4Evgeny Danilov & Erin Hammer3 p (1:16:55)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 
5Ruth Bromer3 p (1:27:00)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 
6Thomas Updike & Emily Mahoney3 p (2:30:09)123(1 p)121(1 p)125(1 p)Finish 

5 Controls 300 min

1Matt Craig5 p (1:40:26)122(1 p)124(1 p)125(1 p)121(1 p)123(1 p)Finish 

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