Destruct “O” December 19, 2010

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  1. Brendan Shields              206
  2. Vladimir Stemkovski      189
  3. Mihai Ibanescu                184
  4. Lori Huberman                149
  5. Joseph Huberman           148
  6. Rob  Ward                         128
  7. Bill Ebenstein                    103
  8. Ruth Bromer                     102
  9. Harold Meder                      81

    Obviously thanks to everyone who came for setting the controls, designing the courses and picking them up.  (Including Stephen for setting and running around during the event even though he didn’t compete.)

    What is Destruct “O”?

    It is a group organized event that sets itself up and takes itself down without having to pre-plan the event.  Here is how it works…


    • Everyone must bring a watch!
    • We meet at Lake Johnson (Avent Ferry Rd, South side of the causeway, Parking Lot) at noon.
    • Everyone gets a map with no course and the controls are divided up among all the participants, so each person gets one or two controls.
    • 12:30-1:00pmEveryone has half an hour to set their controls.  Low numbers are close in or in easy locations and higher numbers are further and/or more difficult.
    • After your controls are set you mark their locations and control description on a master map.
    • 1:00-1:30 Everyone copies the master map onto their map.
    • 2:00 – 2:30pm The score “O” starts and everyone has 30 minutes to punch as many controls as they can — oh yes and position themselves for the Destruct “O” part of the event.
    • 2:30-2:45pm Exactly 30 minutes after the start you have 15 minutes to punch and collect as many controls as possible and return to the start area with your controls.
      • You can get points both for punching a control as well as retrieving it, so if you punched #43 and then after the 30 minute time limit you collected it and brought it back, then you would get 12 points (4+8).
    • If any controls remain out there is a “race” to collect them.
    • If you take down a control before the 30 minute time limit you are disqualified

    Calculation of Score

    • First, points are calculated based on what you punched within the first 30 minutes with 4 points for any control in the 40’s, 5 points for the 50’s etc.
    • Next, points are added based on controls you return as per above, only twice the value.
    • Finally if any controls are left out there is a race to collect them and they are worth five times their point value.

    Late returns lose 5 points the first minute, 6 points the second minute, 7 the third and so on.

    The winner is determined on the highest number of points.

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