Cary Urban Orienteering 2022 – Results

Filed under: Event Results,Latest News by Imre Polik on October 22nd, 2022

We had a perfect day for orienteering and exploring the streets (and quite literally, the backwoods) of Cary and Morrisville.

Thanks to everyone who came, it turned out to be a fun event. Apart from a couple of minor issues (such as new Halloween decorations, that were not there when I scouted for control locations) everything went smoothly. There were no major problems with the map and nobody was charged with trespassing.

My pictures of the event are here.

If you have a GPS track feel free to add it here. There you can see Brian’s race winning route as well.

Congratulations to Brian Thompson for clearing the course in 3 hours and 44 minutes. He finished exactly the same time as Marcin Stermolevski, who used a bike. In the 2-hour field Mihai Ibanescu turned in a great run getting 24 points on foot. Vladimir Stemkovski used his bike to a great advantage: he was the only one to collect all the pool controls in 2 hours for the extra 5 points.

Brian planning his route.

Instead of subdividing into separate categories I’ll just list the scores and times in descending order, with remarks indicating if the person did 2 or 4 hours and whether they used a bike. We had quite a variety!

Brian Thompson4-hour3:445055518 miles/29km, champion
Marcin Stermolevski4-hourbike3:445055527 miles/44km, bike champion
Roman Kraus4-hourbike3:503737
Matthew Harmody4-hour3:543636
Vladimir Stemkovski2-hourbike2:022952322-hour bike champion
Mihai Ibanescu2-hour1:5924242-hour champion
Adalia Schafrath-Craig & Matt Craig2-hour2:0122121
Marcilyn Smith & Rob Ward2-hour2:001818started 30 minutes late
Susan Carl2-hourbike1:551616
Ruth Bromer & Joseph Huberman2-hour1:561515
Alan McNeely2-hour2:0217215
Andrea Polik2-hour1:511313
Tatyana Stemkovski2-hour2:0316313started 25 minutes early

Next time I’ll want to do this in downtown Cary again, but only after the new downtown park has been finished. That should be a lot of fun!

Total starts: 13

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