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On the first day of proper autumn we had about a couple dozen competitors taking to the streets and greenways of Cary and Morrisville to find 48 controls (including the race director’s house). Many of them decided to use a combination of biking and running: with the exception of two controls everything was reachable by bike. I expected that a strong runner or a biker would be able to clear the course. In the end I wasn’t disappointed.

All competitors made good use of their time, in fact, nobody finished with more than 8 minutes to spare. (I was actually quite puzzled at 12:52 with nobody back yet.) Then Tony Landauer arrived first by bike, having just cleared the entire course. Brian Thompson followed a couple minutes later, having got close to clearing the course by running only. Both of these efforts are outstanding. (A small fly in the ointment is that Tony miscounted the swings at the corner of the park, so he lost one point. Nobody is perfect.)

In the 2-hour group Kevin Frankowski took the bike title with 87 points, closely followed by an excellent running effort from Valdimir Stemkovski (84 points). An honourable mention goes to Tatyana Stemkovski: she ran a 10k event in Raleigh (and won her age group) before running this 2-hour course!

If you have a GPS track you can add your route to Brian Thompson’s routegadget page. This is a fun way to compare routes and see what you may have missed.

Thanks to everyone for attending this event and providing feedback. We will definitely return to Cary next year. The greenways are very nice and safe, the winding streets and subdivisions pose interesting navigational challenges and we can even tie in to Lake Crabtree or Umstead for some extra distance.

Thanks to Dave Waller for providing a basemap for Cary. I couldn’t have created the final map without his help.


4 hours:

Tony Landauerbike199
Brian Thompson178
Paul Teale & Marcin167
Mihai Ibanescubike160 (170-10 points for overtime)
Brandon McConnell125
Tony Lawrencebike86
Aline Lloydbike74
Susan Carlbike73
Nathan Walker11

2 hours:

Kevin Frankowskibike87
Vladimir Stemkovski84
Andrea Polikbike57
Rob Ward & family45
Tatyana Stemkovski44
Ruth Bromer & Joseph Huberman43
Krista Thomas & the girls33
Nadia ScharlauDNF

Unfortunately Nadia had to pull out due to an injury on the course.

A few pictures:

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