ARDF USA Championship 2023 – Sprint results

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The championship started with the sprint competition in the Buggy Whip trails section on the western side of Cooper Lake State Park’s South Sulphur Unit. Competitor success was based on how well competitors kept track of their position on the map and how much they took advantage of the trail system.

Results are below.

Day 1 – Sprint, Results



1.7 km 53 m 60 min (6 Controls)

1Elizabeth Afonkin6 p(47:08)
2Adalia Schafrath-Craig6 p(48:50)


2.4 km 65 m 60 min (8 Controls)

1Erin Hammer7 p(57:44)


2.2 km 68 m 60 min (7 Controls)

1Alla Mezhevaya5 p(50:10)


2.2 km 68 m 60 min (7 Controls)

1Natalia Leoni7 p(42:43)
2Nadia Scharlau7 p(46:51)


2.6 km 73 m 60 min (10 Controls)

1Imre Polik10 p(47:36)
2Gheorghe Fala10 p(51:24)
3Eduard Nasybulin10 p(51:28)
4William Allen10 p(53:11)
5Norbert Linke9 p(39:31)
6Jonathan Kross8 p(50:54)


2.4 km 65 m 60 min (8 Controls)

1Vadim Afonkin8 p(25:48)
2Nicolai Mejovoi8 p(33:23)
3Robert Haddow8 p(47:57)
4Alexander Myachin8 p(49:47)
5Matthew Robbins8 p(53:16)
6Matt Craig8 p(55:15)
7Kenneth Harker7 p(59:42)
8Michael Hart2 p(57:04)


2.2 km 68 m 60 min (7 Controls)

1Iurii Kolesnykov7 p(37:43)
2Bill Wright7 p(42:06)
3Scott Moore7 p(46:11)
4Evgeny Danilov7 p(54:46)
5Peter Walter4 p(46:06)
6Tony Levand3 p(50:29)
7Michael Minium3 p(58:11)


1.7 km 53 m 60 min (6 Controls)

1Robert Frey6 p(48:07)

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