ARDF USA Championship 2023 – Classic Day 2 Results

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On the final day of the competition, we were greeted by below-seasonal temperatures (cold!) and rain. The roles were reversed from the day before: those who did 80m courses on Saturday did 2m on Sunday and vice versa. Many competitors were on a tight travel schedule, and the electrical storm delayed the course set-out schedule. The 80m courses from the previous day (shorter than the championship standard) were reused to avoid delaying those needing to catch early flights. The 2m transmitters were hastily relocated to make the shorter courses suitable for those in the short-course categories. None of the competitors complained about shortened courses after running in pretty miserable conditions.

Results are below.

Day 4 – Classic 80m / 2m, Results


W19 2m

3.8 km 120 m 180 min (3 Controls)

1Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p(69:45)
2Elizabeth Afonkin1 p(93:39)

W45 2m

4.6 km 160 m 180 min (4 Controls)

1Alla Mezhevaya4 p(95:56)

W55 2m

4.3 km 160 m 180 min (3 Controls)

1Nadia Scharlau3 p(58:24)
2Natalia Leoni3 p(64:58)

M21 80m

6.7 km 270 m 180 min (5 Controls)

1Norbert Linke5 p(44:04)
2Eduard Nasybulin5 p(53:56)
3Jonathan Kross5 p(92:58)
4Gheorghe Fala5 p(109:00)
5William Allen5 p(113:47)
6Aleksei Plotnikov2 p(112:44)

M50 80m

5.8 km 230 m 180 min (4 Controls)

1Nicolai Mejovoi4 p(49:57)
2Kenneth Harker4 p(67:31)
3Robert Haddow4 p(67:39)
4Alexander Myachin4 p(71:46)
5Matthew Robbins4 p(121:33)
6Matt Craig3 p(84:23)

M60 2m

4.6 km 160 m 180 min (4 Controls)

1Tony Levand4 p(82:48)
2Bill Wright4 p(97:43)
3Michael Minium4 p(112:39)
4Peter Walter4 p(129:06)
5Scott Moore3 p(103:58)

M70 2m

4.3 km 160 m 180 min (3 Controls)

1Robert Frey2 p(102:34)

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Day 4 – Classic 80m / 2m, Split times


W19 (2)180 min 3.8 km 120 m 4 C max 3 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p (69:45)141(1 p)140(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
2Elizabeth Afonkin1 p (93:39)141(1 p)136 Finish 
W45 (1)180 min 4.6 km 160 m 5 C max 4 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Alla Mezhevaya4 p (95:56)137(1 p)140(1 p)141(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
W55 (2)180 min 4.3 km 160 m 4 C max 3 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Nadia Scharlau3 p (58:24)140(1 p)141(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
2Natalia Leoni3 p (64:58)141(1 p)140(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
M21 (6)180 min 6.7 km 270 m 6 C max 5 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Norbert Linke5 p (44:04)133(1 p)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
2Eduard Nasybulin5 p (53:56)133(1 p)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
3Jonathan Kross5 p (92:58)131(1 p)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)136 Finish 
4Gheorghe Fala5 p (109:00)133(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
5William Allen5 p (113:47)133(1 p)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
6Aleksei Plotnikov2 p (112:44)133(1 p)135(1 p)136 Finish 
M50 (6)180 min 5.8 km 230 m 5 C max 4 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Nicolai Mejovoi4 p (49:57)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
2Kenneth Harker4 p (67:31)132(1 p)134(1 p)135(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
3Robert Haddow4 p (67:39)131(1 p)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
4Alexander Myachin4 p (71:46)131(1 p)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)136 Finish 
5Matthew Robbins4 p (121:33)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
6Matt Craig3 p (84:23)131(1 p)132(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
M60 (5)180 min 4.6 km 160 m 5 C max 4 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Tony Levand4 p (82:48)141(1 p)137(1 p)140(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
2Bill Wright4 p (97:43)140(1 p)141(1 p)137(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
3Michael Minium4 p (112:39)141(1 p)137(1 p)140(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
4Peter Walter4 p (129:06)140(1 p)141(1 p)137(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
5Scott Moore3 p (103:58)140(1 p)141(1 p)139(1 p)136 Finish 
M70 (1)180 min 4.3 km 160 m 4 C max 3 p 
PlName / ClubTime 
1Robert Frey2 p (102:34)141(1 p)140(1 p)136 Finish 

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Thank you to everyone who helped support the 22nd USA Radio Orienteering Championships:

New Mexico Orienteers (NMO) for their sponsorship of the event.

North Texas Orienteering Association (NTOA) for the use of their maps.

Backwoods Orienteering Klub (BOK) for the use of their timing equipment and stands for sprint and foxoring. And for the use of their website for posting results.

Thanks to Gerald Boyd, WB8WFK, for serving as Event Director and providing foxoring transmitters.

Thanks to Nadia Scharlau, KO4ADV, for designing the longer classic courses and helping at the starting line; and to Charles Scharlau, NZØI, for designing the other courses and setting them out.

Thanks to Ken Harker, WM5R, Vadim Afonkin, KB1RLI, and Imre Polik, KX4SO, and Robert Frey, WA6EZV, for their help at the starting line during the competition days.

Thanks to Matt Craig, Adalia Schafrath-Craig, Gheorghe Fala, Natalia Leoni, and Imre Polik, KX4SO, for picking up the sprint and foxoring controls after those events.

Special thanks to Imre Polik, KX4SO, for operating the download station and posting results to the BOK website, ensuring timely reporting of each day’s results.

Thank you to the White Rock Lake Amateur Radio Club ( members David Ricker, KG5VSR, John Webb, W5JMW, John Cheyney, KF5PFP, Randy Durham, W5WXY, Alberto Boisse, KI5WZZ, Shane Outlaw, KI5GBU, Topp Robertson, KI5LET, Anthony Mendina, NT5TM, for their help with communications during the event. And special thanks to Dave Catlett, K5YR, for organizing the club’s efforts and for hauling the finish line equipment through the rain and mud! Their skills and dedication helped the event run smoothly and safely.

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