What Does a BOK Local Event Cost $

$13 or less

(Fees effective January 1, 2019)

The entry fee is $7 per person or group going out together and includes one map.  (Additional maps are $2 each.)

If you don’t have a Finger Stick, we rent them for $5.  (They record the time you punched in both on the stick and the control box.)

Everyone needs to carry a whistle.  We’ll sell you one for $1 if you don’t have your own.

We will loan you a compass if you need one.  (Clear baseplate compasses are best.)

The introductory class is free.  (It covers the rules, map, and compass.)

You can get an annual pass ($45 for an individual or $65 for a family) for entry to all our Local events.  It also includes a $5 discount at Special, National or Regional events that we host.

If you purchase a Finger Stick ($37) then you won’t have to rent one at each event.

So in summary, if you purchase an annual pass have your Finger Stick and whistle, then events are free.

Here is a lot more detail about the courses and what to expect at our events.

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