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  • Date: 09/10 March 2024
  • Saturday:Catch the morning ferry from Beaufort (600 Front St.) to Shackleford.
  • Sunday: Catch the morning ferry from Hammocks Beach State Park to Bear Island.
  • Be sure to read all the information on the website article.
  • Event Type: Expert -- you need to have sucessfully completed and expert-level (brown, green, red, blue) course in the past.
  • Courses offered:
    • Saturday: Goat (~10km); Pygmy goat (~5km)
    • Sunday: Long (~6.4km); Short (~3.6km)
    • All weekend: Virtual Street-O in Beaufort
  • Event Director: David Waller (

Waiver of Responsibility:

I, the undersigned, know that orienteering, as an outdoor action sport, carries significant risk of personal injury. I know that there are natural and man-made hazards, environmental conditions, and risks, which, in combination with my actions, can cause me serious, or possibly even fatal injury. I agree that I, as a participant, must take an active role in understanding and accepting these risks, conditions, and hazards. I also agree that I, and not the organizers and officials of this event, the US Orienteering Federation, Orienteering USA, The United States of America, The National Park Service, Cape Lookout National Seashore, Carteret County, State of North Carolina, the land owners or managers, or any sponsors, am responsible for my safety while I participate in this event. I take full responsibility for myself and/or my child. The undersigned is granted an OUSA membership for the event date/s

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