Events and the Store

We are using ECWID (an e-commerce platform / wordpress plugin) for managing our registrations and for payments.

An event (in orienteering terms) is represented as a product in the Store. A registration is represented as an Order (although an order may contain more than one registration, and not all orders are registrations).

Guide to Creating a New Event in the Store

Generally, you will find a previous event at the same location, that you can use as a template.

Some venues have entries created specifically for you to clone. These will have Template in their name.

You can also use an existing event at a different venue, if you so choose.

Rough steps:

  1. Clone an event (product): Store Management -> Catalog -> Products – find the product.
  2. Change the SKU. We recommend you use the event date as the SKU. This will make it easier for you to filter registrations later.
  3. Set the date and other relevant fields in the product body.
  4. Review the options
  5. Set “Product Availability” to “Enabled”. This will make the product available in the store. You can flip this to “Disabled” after the registration window closes.

Viewing / Downloading Registrations

Store Management -> Orders

You can filter by Product Name or SKU – last option in the left column.

After you apply the filter, you can then select all orders, and export them as CSV.


TODO: describe the use of tilde (~) to save some time later in the reformatter.

Reformatting Results

We have a web application that will take the rather bulky and not column-oriented CSV export from Ecwid, and convert it to a column-oriented CSV file.

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