Event Registration

In order to attend a Member event (or Open event where pre-registration is requested) it is important that you pre-register so that we print a map for you.  Member events are open to Members of BOK and other Orienteering Clubs as well as active members of the US Military.  The Entry Fee is included for BOK members.  All others must pay the regular club entry fees.  ($7 for entry + $5 finger stick rental)

Courses Offered at the Events:

Not all events offer all the courses.  Make sure you choose a course that is offered at the event.  The event director decides on which courses to offer.  Open events usually offer White through Red.  Member events usually offer Brown through Red, sometimes Orange and/or Blue, so make sure you choose a course that is offered.

Register on Time

We would like you to register by noon on the Friday before the event, but it is better to register late than to just show up at the event not registered.  (You may have to wait for someone to finish so you can use their map.)  Don’t forget to Cancel your registration if it turns out you can’t attend the event.  Cancel even at the last minute – it may open up a map for a late registrant.


Not many events offer Lunch, so don’t worry if the selection is disabled.  Lunch is usually offered at the Gray Owl location in the Birkhead Wildernes.

Cancelling Your Registrations

If you have registered and then change your plans you should check “NO” under “Attending Event” and register for the same event again.  The “No” registration will cancel out your original registration.  You can cancel your registration right up to the morning of the event.  This is important because it may save the event director from making a special trip to the printer to print extra maps.


At some venues we are not allowed to collect money so it is important to pay in advance if the event requires it.  After  you submit your Registration Form you can follow the link to the payment page.  This is a very primitive PayPal system so read the instructions, and please get everything in your cart before you make the payment.  You can pay for more than one person in a transaction, just adjust the number of each item while you are in the cart.

Registration Form:

  1. One Registration per Entry (2 going together is 1 entry) $7 (No charge for BOK members)
  2. (required)
  3. (required)
  4. (required)
  5. Membership Status (required)
  6. (valid email required)
  7. (required)
  8. Be sure the course you choose is offered in the event information:
  9. (required)
  10. ════════════════════════════════════════
  11. Finger sticks are required: Do you need to rent a Finger Stick? $5
  12. IF YOU RENT a finger stick, how do you want your name shown in the results?
  13. ════════════════════════════════════════
  14. YOUR MAP IS INCLUDED ! If you need maps for OTHERS with you on the course, how many?
  15. ════════════════════════════════════════
  16. When will you come?
  17. ════════════════════════════════════════
  18. Be sure to Un-Register if your plans change. You will be asked to pay $2 for your map if you don't un-register 2 days before the event.
  19. Register or Un-Register
  20. If you need to change your course or have other questions please use the "Contact Form" below.

  • First submit the above registration form for the Event Director.
  • Then use the payment page to pay in advance.
    • You can adjust all the amounts on the shopping cart page, so check the number of each item before you Check Out.

Link to the Payment Page

Contact form for questions:

Contact Us
  1. (required)
  2. (valid email required)
  3. (required)

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