Entry Payment

Here is where you can pay for your entry.

Click the buttons of the things you need to pay for.  It may or may not open in another window – you can use the “continue shopping” link to get to this page again if it disappears.

After you get all the things you need on the Cart page be sure to check the amounts of each thing and then submit and pay.  (Don’t pay for each item separately.  Use the “Continue Shopping” link in the upper right corner to get back to this page.)

When you get to the event, you need to show the event registrar your paypal receipt either printed out or on your phone.

Entry $7 – Two people going together is one entry (Free for BOK members)


Finger Sticks $5 – Each entry is required to have 1 finger stick.

Extra Maps $2

If you are going out with someone else it is best if they have a map, so purchase as many as you need.  Your entry includes one map.  (Two maps are included in a Family Membership)


Whistles $1 – Everyone must have a whistle.


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