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BOK Memberships

Membership is $35 for individuals and $50 for families, and this includes your entry fee to all our “regular”, “sprint”, and “advanced”  events, about 20 per year.  The entry includes one map per event for individual members, and two maps for family memberships.  More information on our Memberships and Fees

Memberships run from September through August.

Your receipt from PayPal is your confirmation, and we pick up your name and contact information from PayPal.

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BOK Finger Sticks

We are using electronic punching at all our events, and that requires that each person have a “finger stick” also known as a “stick” or “SI-Card” or sometimes just “card”.

BOK sells the “SI-Card 8”.  This is a fast card at only 115 ms.  It holds 30 controls as well as your Name.  More information on our equipment and compatibility and how to use a Finger Stick.

We will personalize your finger stick with a name you choose (enter your name below).  This will show up on your result print-out at the event as well as the results posted on our website.

Your card will be available for pickup at the next event you attend. We do not ship cards.


BOK Finger Stick (SI-Card-8)  $37 each

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