Radio-O Courses Offered at BOK

Filed under: Radio Orienteering by Joseph on August 16th, 2016

Radio-O was born in Eastern Europe around the time of the First World War when commanders communicated with troops using radios.  When the radio was broadcasting you could get a bearing on the enemy.  So getting an accurate bearing quickly and careful map reading was important.

We offer 4 levels of Radio Orienteering.

  • Radio White 2-3 k – There are 5 numbered controls with transmitters that stay on all the time.  Each transmitter broadcasts on a different frequency.  You find the transmitters in the assigned order by tuning in the correct frequency and using the directional radio receiver to locate the controls.
  • Radio Yellow 2-3 k – The transmitter setup is similar to White, but you can take them in any order so in the beginning you can listen to all the signals to make a good decision.
  • Radio Orange 3-6 k – Again there are 5 transmitters coded 1-5, however, now they are all on the same frequency.  Each one stays on for a minute broadcasting its code and then shuts off so the next one can start.  After they all take a turn it starts over.  You take an assigned subset of the transmitters in the assigned order.
  • Radio Expert (Classic ARDF) 4-8 k – Similar to Orange except you have to determine the order and may be assigned more transmitters.

We also offer two other styles of Radio Orienteering.

  • Radio Sprint 2 k – One or two loops of 5 transmitters per loop.  All the transmitters on a loop are on the same frequency.  Each transmitter stays on for only 12 seconds before handing off to the next transmitter, so the whole cycle of  5 transmitters takes one minute.  Each loop is on a different frequency.
  • FoxOring 3-8 k – FoxOring has a stronger orienteering component because the approximate locations of the transmitters are marked on the map.  The transmitter and control may be as far as 100m from the location marked on the map.  As you approach the marked location you will be able to tune in the very low power transmitter to locate the control.  Like the others, you may not be assigned all the transmitters and your place is determined first by how many transmitters you found and then by your time.

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